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Fire wood

Well-seasoned firewood

Get the most bang for your buck when it comes to firewood. In order to get good burning time out of firewood, it must be seasoned (the sap has been dried up). Using firewood that hasn't been aged completely won't burn well since it is too wet.


Because the seasoning process can take 6 months to 1 year, you have to buy your firewood months in advance from other places. However, with Mike's Tree Service, we age the firewood for you so it's dry and ready to use right away!


Save money on heating this year and heat your home the natural way. Our firewood will provide great amounts of heat for a fraction of the cost of gas heating. You and your family will have hours of bonding sitting in front of the fireplace and having nice conversations.


Mike's Tree Service can deliver firewood to you if you can't come out to pick it up from us.


Wood for your fireplace.

Keep yourself and your loved ones warm this winter with our seasoned firewood.

Does your home have a fireplace but it's barely used? Get some firewood from Mike's Tree Service to put it to good use!

Heat your home the old-fashioned way

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